Adult Training Department


The Adult Training Department started its activity in 1998. The continued vocational training is provided to a person who has a primary qualification. It is aimed at improving the possessed or acquired other vocational qualification.

The adult training is organised in a flexible manner taking into account the competencies and needs of students.



The continued vocational training involves the formal and informal adult vocational teaching/learning. The duration of programmes is diverse: from 1 day to 150 business days. All training programmes are paid.

Qualification or competency is acquired after completing the vocational training programme and passing the examination of assessment of person’s acquired competencies.

The Centre offers 49 formal and 48 informal continued vocational training programmes for acquiring a vocational qualification or individual competencies.

There are two levels of formal continued vocational training programmes the completion of which confers vocational qualification, i.e.:

1st level – the competency to perform certain works is acquired. The studies are available for persons with or without the basic education subject to the training programme;

2nd level – allows the person to perform qualified activity in various environments, work in groups, and be responsible for his/her own activity.


The employers may contact us with an order to prepare formal or informal vocational training programmes of continued vocational training according to their individual needs.



The Department cooperates with all other departments of the Centre according to the need of organisation of training process, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Centre of Information Technologies in Education (CITE), the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts and the Chamber of Agriculture. It also maintains relations with the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education and performs various projects financed by the EU funds with the Lithuanian Labour Exchange, Kaunas, Marijampolė, Vilnius Units of Labour Exchange and their subordinate divisions as well as the Refugees Reception Centre and other organisations.



Head of Adult Training Department Jūratė Balčiūnienė

Mobile: +370 610 61407
Tel.: (8 37) 20 29 88

Address: Miško g. 15, Kaunas, 218 kab.