Assistant social worker

You can choose to study after 12 grades (duration of studies – 2 years).

Specialisations: charity work, palliative support; socio-cultural work.

The training programme is aimed at preparing assistant social workers able to provide social services to clients of various groups according to the established need, to create social environment, meeting the aesthetical and hygiene requirements and personal needs, to communicate with a client and his environment.

The future assistant social worker can choose one of the specialisations depending on the requirements of the labour market and his/her personal needs. He/she will be able to incorporate a company and develop business or work according to the selected specialisation in currently existing governmental and non-governmental companies engaged in the area of social services.

Specialisation “charity work” is aimed at preparing assistant social workers for work with disadvantaged families, disabled, elderly persons who required social care (clothing, food, items) in Lithuanian parishes, charity organisations and Catholic centres.  The students will be able to carry out practices and later work in diocese parishes or nursing homes of parishes – for work with elderly persons, or Lithuanian Caritas, diocese Caritas divisions, catechetic centres – for work with disadvantageous persons and families.

Assistant social worker, who chooses the specialisation – palliative support, will acquire additional knowledge in the area of provision of palliative support. He will be able to provide quality social care services to a client and his/her closed ones according to the indications of the social worker and under his/her supervision. Assistant social worker will be able to work in out-patient and in-patient personal healthcare institutions, social services establishments, provide services at home.

Assistant social worker, who chooses the specialisation – socio-cultural work, will be able to organise socio-cultural activity in social services establishments (day care centres for the disabled persons, children, elderly people, community and parish centres, various non-governmental organisations, stationary institutions – general profile and psycho-neurological pensions, specialised institutions for the disabled children, etc.).

The vocational readiness of the student, who passed the entire training programme, is demonstrated by the results of competency assessment examination which evaluates the competencies and general skills laid out in the curriculum. The composition of the commission of competency assessment examinations, organisation and the procedure of the issue of documents are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science.

After completing the training programme of assistant social worker, it is possible to continue studies according to higher education study programmes in the area of social work.




Description of qualification

The qualification of assistant social worker is necessary in order to work as an assistant social worker.

The person, who acquired assistant social worker’s qualification, shall:

  • be able to adapt the knowledge of social work in providing services to a client, evaluate the needs of elderly, old and disabled persons, identify  problems and establish priorities, be able to communicate with client’s environment, to provide personal hygiene services of various types, to select measures and tools for home care, to manage and clean premises by selecting home appliances and cleaning products, to use information technologies, to fill client’s file documents, fill journals, report forms;

  • know the reasons that cause social problems, understand the personality development particularities, understand the impact of illness and disability on a person, know the process of organisation and provision of social services, effective social work methods when working with a specific group of clients, understand the importance of prevention work in providing services;

  • develop the main human-related values and ground one’s life and work on these values, follow various methods of communication and cooperation with a client and other institutions.

The vocational qualification of assistant social worker can also be acquired according to adult training programme provided at Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre.

The secondary education is necessary for those who are seeking to acquire the qualification of assistant social worker.

Having acquired the qualification of assistant social worker, the persons can work in the institutions and organisations acting in the area of social services and having the job positions for assistant social workers.