Environment and premises care worker

You can choose to study after 12 grades (duration of studies – 2 years).

The training programme is aimed at preparing environment and premises care specialists able to maintain residential and public premises.

In theoretical courses, the future environment and premises care employees are taught the composition of buildings, purpose of use and fitting of premises, inventory, premises cleaning technologies, properties and use of raw-materials, maintenance and cleaning of the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, flowers, pictures, carpets and other coverings located in the buildings by using equipment and mechanised measures, their regulation and repair of small failures, use of chemical products for the care of premises, requirements of disinfection, sanitary and hygiene of premises and inventory, etc.

The practical training takes place in Centre’s practical training workshops and laboratories, institutions and organisations. Duration of practical training – 47.5 weeks. The skills of cleaning and arrangement of premises, use of special working equipment, etc. are solidified and improved during the practical training.

The vocational readiness of the student, who passed the entire training programme, is demonstrated by the results of competency assessment examination which evaluates the competencies and general skills laid out in the curriculum. The composition of the commission of competency assessment examinations, organisation and the procedure of the issue of documents are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science. The graduate is provided with the qualification of environment and premises care employee.

After completing the training programme of environment and premises care specialist, it is possible to continue studies according to the higher education study programmes in the area of personal services.



Description of qualification

The qualification of environment and premises care specialist is necessary in order to work as the environment and premises care specialist.

The person, who acquired the qualification of environment and premises care specialist, shall:

  • be able to maintain solid and soft floor coverings and sanitary units (clean, wash, disinfect, wax), solid and soft furnishings, fine interior elements (books, ceramics, paintings, etc.), walls, ceilings, windows, window frames, windowsills, blinds, kitchen equipment, flowers, select and prepare necessary cleaning products, washers, tools and equipment for work, measure the size of premises, find, analyse and collect information on the newest finishing materials of premises, detergents, washers, cleaning equipment and tools, analyse the market demand, manage accounting, fill documents, evaluate the quality of work, calculate the price of services, work safely with various chemical substances and understand the norms of their use, use information technologies;

  • know the variety of cleaning products, their effects and chemical composition, occupational safety requirements;

  • be able to work attentively, responsibly and individually, organise his/her own work, effectively communicate with colleagues and clients.

Having acquired the qualification of environment and premises care specialist, the persons can work in large shopping centres, hotels, individual and private companies, establish their own companies providing premises care services.