Equine business specialist

You can choose to study after 10 or 12 grades (duration of studies – 3 or 2 years).

The training programme is aimed at preparing high-qualification equine business specialist able to provide horse care services from the birth until the maturity of the animal, having the understanding of the breeds, to compose the nutrition ration and prepare the feedstuffs, to train and ride horses, to administer the first aid to the horse and the rider, to apply veterinary doctor’s indicated procedures, to supervise and classify the rider’s inventory, to prepare the site for riding competitions according to the respective fields of the riding sport, to organise the stud farm’s activity according to the principles of organisation of small business, to orient in the market of horse demand and supply and organise the trade and horse-breedering business, to communicate and cooperate with colleagues and clients in a tolerant way, to work in a team, to adapt flexibly to varying labour market conditions.

The students studying according to the training programme of equine business specialist (state code: 440062107) acquire the specialisation of horse massage or aesthetical preparation of a horse.

Having acquired the specialisation of horse massage, the specialist knows the course and methods of massage procedure, is able to compose the plan of actions, select proper massage techniques and measures, evaluate the risk factors of the procedure.

Having acquired the specialisation of aesthetical preparation of a horse, the specialist is able to prepare a horse for competition or event according to specific requirements, knows all techniques of horse fringe weaving, and knows how to cut the horse fur in various styles.

To pursue these aims, in theoretical courses, the future of equine business specialist are taught the basics of occupational health and safety requirements, horse-breeding, horse nutrition technology, horse hygiene, horse training, practical riding basics, younger animal breeding technology, organisation of riding competitions, anatomy and physiology, veterinary, hypology, organisation of small business companies, financial accounting, information technologies.

The practical training takes place at the Centre’s practical training base – the stud farm. During the last half-year of studies, the students conduct apprenticeships in the horse-breedering sports clubs, private stud-farms and rural tourism properties. Duration of practice – 600 hours.

The vocational readiness of the student, who passed the entire training programme, is demonstrated by the results of competency assessment examination which evaluates the competencies and general skills laid out in the curriculum.  The composition of the commission of competency assessment examinations, organisation and the procedure of the issue of documents are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science.


Desription of qualification

The person, who acquired equine business specialist’s qualification, should:

  • be able to provide horse care services from the birth until the maturity of the animal;

  • have the understanding of breeds;

  • prepare the feedstuff;

  • train and ride the horse;

  • administer first aid to the horse and the rider;

  • apply the veterinary doctor’s indicated procedures;

  • organise the activity of a stud farm;

  • organise the horse-breedering business.


The person who acquired of equine business specialist can work in private and state stud farms, rural tourism properties or to establish his/her own stud farm. The specialists of equine business are demanded in labour market and are welcomed for employment abroad. The qualification can be improved individually or by participating in internships or by continuing studies at the Aleksandras Stulginskis University, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (the Veterinary Academy).