Floristry studio

Welcome to the home of floristry – a place where the flowers live. Here’s how we meet everyone choosing to study the art of floristry” – smiles Kristina Šiožinienė, the Head of Floristry Department, and invites to visit the Floristry Studio. 

Floristry - art, science, life.

Floristry has inevitably become a part of our every-day life. When we are born, flowers are given to our mother… People give and receive flowers on various occasions of life and sometimes without any occasion at all. We decorate our homes and public spaces with flowers. Due to this reason, the profession of florist becomes increasingly more popular. This is usually a family business, the secrets of which are passed from one generation to another. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to study and learn floristry. Everything needs to be tried in practice. For this reason, the Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre established the Floristry Studio – a practical training base where the students are free to express their thoughts and ideas by applying theoretical knowledge. The constant attention and care of vocational teachers help students to achieve excellent results.

The florist training programme is composed according to the modular training methodology. The training takes place in stages and each stage is finalised by the examinations establishing the skills of students in practice. The professional improvement and personality maturing process of each student is constantly monitored.  The student individually forms the portfolio of his/her achievements, which is evaluated by the employer.  As a result, 90% of all graduates from floristry studies work according to their profession or are planning to start working in the nearest future.

The florist vocational training programme is aimed at people who want to learn about the particularities of florist’s craft, to learn the skills of selection, preparation and transformation of floristic materials into floristic preparation, to compose flowers into bouquets, compositions, floristic objects, to gain knowledge on how to start or continue the flower business.

In 2014-2015, the students of florist training programme will have an opportunity to participate in the internship in floristry salons/workshops in the sunny Greece. The acquired competencies will be evaluated and included when continuing training in Lithuania.

This year, one of the most beautiful cooperation initiatives of Floristry Department and employers was the funding of materials dedicated to floristry training. The students of Floristry Department will have an opportunity to seek the employer’s scholarship. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and get a workplace while still studying.