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The Healthcare Department started its activity in 1994 when implementing PHARE programme in Lithuania due to the lack of producers of orthopaedic footwear, orthopaedists-technology specialists. Currently, we are pleased with this successful start and an incentive to create training programmes which are exclusive both at professional and collegial level not only in Lithuania, but also in the entire Baltic region.



*The students with disabilities are integrated into the study environment without accentuating their disability and by creating favourable learning environment.

**The training programme is suitable for visually impaired persons. Special methodical material is prepared and a convenient teaching base is fitted.

  • Maker of orthopaedic shoes training programme*, code 210072502 (for those with the basic education, duration – 2 years).
  • Maker of orthopaedic shoes training programme*, code 440072502 (for those with the secondary education, duration – 2 years);
  • Paramedic training programme*, code 440072503 (for those with the secondary education, duration – 2 years).
  • Foot care service provider training programme, code 440081505 (for those with the secondary education, duration – 1.5 years).
  • Massage specialist training programme**, code 440072601 (for those with the secondary education, duration – 2 years).



Due to a wide range of vocational training programmes the Department cooperates with various Lithuanian companies and organisations (UAB “Ortopedijos klinika”, AB “Ortopedijos technika”, A. Astrauskas’s company “Pirmas žingsnis”, UAB “Evenida”, AB “Lituanica”, UAB “Ortobatas”, Public Institution Kaunas City Emergency Medical Service Station, Association of Paramedics,  Dr. Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service, Public Institution Vilnius Emergency Medical Service Station, Kaunas Clinical Hospital, Republican Hospital of Kaunas, Public Institution Kaunas Šančiai Hospital, Public Institution Kaunas Dainava Hospital, Nursing home “Senelių rojus”, Nursing home UAB “Slauguva”, Kaunas Nursing Hospital, Lithuanian Red Cross Society). Social partners provide excellent opportunities for an apprenticeship and workplace.

Seeking for constant improvement, the vocational teachers of the Department enhance their qualifications in various courses and seminars organised by the Lithuanian and foreign specialists. The students of paramedic training programme are constantly representing the Centre in the International First-aid Competition.


Head of Healthcare Department dr. Tomas Darbutas
Mobile: +370 610 61406

Office (Address: Miško g.15, 209 kab.)

Tel.: 8 37 32 28 01


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