Our institution

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre is one of the largest vocational training centres in Lithuania. For more than 80 years, we have earned a competentive and reliable educational institution name.

We are a modern, dynamic educational institution, remaining responsive to labor market changes and eagerly applying innovative forms of education. Our Centre’s teachers provide high-quality formal and non-formal education services: primary (9 and 10 classes), secondary, adult, and early childhood education programs. The Centre offers an attractive and promising different kind of specialties, modern and practical bases. Particular attention is paid to upholding Christian values ​​and developing general competences.

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre's mission is to develop a responsible and creative life based on Christian values ​​for people who will be competitively qualified in service technician fields in Lithuania, as well as in Europe for the well-being of the individual by engaging him/her in lifelong learning.

Vision: To establish a progressive vocational training centre, serving individuals and a society of lifelong learning through various educational and training levels of underlying activities of professionalism combined with Christian values.

In 2003 Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre has gained European recognition - has been certified by the International Education Society (IES). Each student completed a vocational training program can receive international certification.


1994 - 2016 years

• The number of students increased from 681 to 3889 students;

• Through a variety of projects and initiatives earned more than 17.3 million Eur;

• Study abroad programs participation: 180 teachers and 1,950 students;

• 2015 year employed 85.3 percent of our students.