Practical experience in Germany / 2018-04-15

Interesting internship.

Karalius Mindaugas vocational training center successfully continuous to participate in Erasmus+ project “Improvement of professional, didactic and social skills based on Europian vocational training  requirements“ (2017-1-LT01- KA102-035114).

Between 11th March and 24th March 2018 Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnutzige GmbH hosted three participants from Karalius Mindaugas vocational training center. Students of audiovisual technician Tomas Milkeraitis, Paulius Bulovas and the teacher Modestas Mastavičius went to their internship to Theatre Pack, a small theatre in Leipzig where different theatre productions are performed.

There they were introduced to the light and sound engineers who are responsible for the technical side of theatre production and got to know the theatre crew. During the next two weeks they assisted the engineers in the daily tasks. They laid the cables, operated the light machines and worked with the tone controls. Furthermore they repaired some broken sound and light technics and tested the technics afterwards.

In their free time the group had the chance to vist the Radio Mephisto, the local university radio where also students are trained. At the end of the stay the group was welcomed into the seminar room of Wisamar GmbH for an evaluation meeting. The participant reviewed the outcomes of the programme and talked about which effects the new information and insight would have on their education and work.

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