Resort Business Department



The Resort Business Department was established in 2001, in a unique Lithuanian seaside resort – Palanga. The professiological management traditions are cultivated here. The graduates are successfully applying the acquired knowledge and skills in a business environment and human-related activity.

On the initiative of students and the Head of the Resort Business Department, the Future Specialists’ Club “ASK” was established in 2002 and registered in the Palanga City Municipality. It is a public organisation associating proactive, creative persons and actively involving in the community life of the Palanga City.



  • Recreation service agent training programme, code 330081205 (for those with the basic education, duration – 3 years).
  • Recreation service agent training programme, code 440081205 (for those with the secondary education, duration – 2 years).



Each year, the students of the Department are participating in the events and festivals organised by the Palanga City Municipality. Association “Future Specialists’ Club” and students are constantly designing youth’s recreational activity and occupation, conducting projects to encourage students for joint public activity. The cooperation agreements with the schools of Palanga were signed during the projects with an aim to gather the youth for joint activity.

The conference “Projektuojantis turizmas” (Designing Tourism) has been organised annually since 2004 by emphasising the practical training, encouraging the curiosity of students and initiating the individual activity of future specialists and graduates related to the exclusiveness of recreational activity management in resorts and design of recreation services packages.

The graduates are provided with opportunities to continue studies in the St. Ignatius of Loyola College and later, for those seeking a university Bachelor degree, at Klaipėda University – Continuing Studies Institute. 



Head of Resort Business Department Aistė Balčiūnaitė-Samavičė, email:

Head of Resort Business Department Rasa Polat, email:

Phone number/fax. (8 460) 49124

Resort Business Department
Address: Gedimino g. 5, LT-00136, Palanga