Special events and party services provider

You can choose to study after 12 grades (duration of studies – 2 years).

The training programme is aimed at preparing ritual and holiday services providers able to prepare various scenarios and organise various events, festivals and ceremonies, decorate the surroundings and premises, communicate in a cultured way.

To pursue these aims, the future ritual and holiday services providers are taught the development and organisation of events, festivals and ceremonies, servicing culture and requirements of etiquette, business management, aesthetics and law basics, communication psychology, accounting, scenario of events and formation of an estimate, etc.

The practical training takes place in Centre’s practical training offices and event organising companies. Duration of practical training – 47.5 weeks. The skills of organisation of events, communication, work organisation, etc. are solidified and improved during the practical training.

The vocational readiness of the student, who passed the entire training programme, is demonstrated by the results of competency assessment examination which evaluates the competencies and general skills laid out in the curriculum. The composition of the commission of competency assessment examinations, organisation and the procedure of the issue of documents are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science. The graduate is provided with the qualification of events organiser.

After completing the training programme of events organiser, it is possible to continue studies according to the higher education study programmes in the area of personal services.



Description of qualification

The qualification of events organiser is necessary to work as the organiser of events.

The person, who acquired the events organiser’s qualification, shall:

  • be able to organise traditional and original festivals, ceremonies and other events, realise the composed scenario of the event and host the event, plan and prepare the environment for the event in a proper manner, communicate in a cultured way, plan and organise works, use information technologies, know the particularities of festivals and ceremonies, their organisation traditions, methodology of event planning and development of scenarios, occupational safety requirements, communication and etiquette requirements, principals of formation of estimates and accounting, to plan the event and develop its scenario, host the event, form an estimate, organise one’s work.

Having acquired the qualification of events organiser, the persons can work as organisers of events, establish their own companies.