Sports club services provider

You can choose to study after 12 grades (duration of studies – 2 years).

The training programme is aimed at preparing providers of sports club services able to perform quality-based sports and body beauty perfection services and organise the activity of a sports club.

In theoretical courses, future providers of sports club services are taught the basics of establishment of sports clubs, planning and organisation of their activity, marketing, business financing and investment, accounting and finances, taxes, human anatomy and physiology, psychology basics, pathology, healthy lifestyle and nutrition, biomechanics, physiotherapy procedures, motion and training methodology, formation of motion culture, classical hygiene body massage, aerobics, performance and conveyance of exercises with weights, barbells, simulators, occupational safety and hygiene, information technologies, foreign language for special purposes.

The practical training takes place in Centre’s training base, sports clubs, recreational centres, pre-school and training institutions. Duration of practical training – 47.5 weeks. The skills of organisation of sports club activity, performance and conveyance of exercises with weights, barbells, simulators, etc. are solidified and improved during the practical training.

The vocational readiness of the student, who passed the entire training programme, is demonstrated by the results of competency assessment examination which evaluates the competencies and general skills laid out in the curriculum. The composition of the commission of competency assessment examinations, organisation and the procedure of the issue of documents are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science. The graduate is conferred with the qualification of provider of sports club services.

After completing the training programme of provider of sports club services, it is possible to continue studies according to higher education study programmes in the area of business administration.



Description of qualification

  The person, who acquired the qualification of provider of sports club services, shall:

  • be able to evaluate client’s anatomical, physiological, aesthetical needs, analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of service (physical strain), establish the possibilities of client’s self-care, prepare client’s service plan, work safely with electrical and mechanical devices, consult clients on the physical training matters, use information technologies; know the basics of business organisation, requirements of human anatomy and physiology, psychology, communication culture, occupational health and safety requirements, sanitary and hygiene regulations, know one foreign language; be able to organise own work responsibly and individually, service client with respect, be helpful, tactical and fair.

Having acquired the qualification of provider of sport club services, the persons can work as providers of sports club services, additional training organisers, coaches in sports clubs.