Visage teacher from Lithuania – World Champion! / 2018-09-11

Creative Bridal Make-up 2018!

OMC Hairworld in Paris 2018 was a moment in the universe of hairdressing where professionals from all corners of the world came together for a competitive passion in the craft of beauty. Over 1,000 attendees from all over the world attended the show this year to witness a daring competition on the opulent Parisian stage.

The teacher from Karalius Mindaugas vocational training center – IRMA BALTRUŠAITIENĖ - also participated in this amazing 2018 OMC Word Cup in Paris!

Visage teacher from Lithuania showed the most professional makeup and dictated the make-up trends for the whole world. She won Gold medal in Creative Bridal Make-up category! Congratulations! We are happy that  I. Baltrusaitiene teaches makeup secrets for future cosmetics in Karaliaus Mindaugas vocational training center.

Make-up and style: IRMA BALTRUŠAITIENĖ; Accessories:; Clothes: Lina Narbutienė; Hair: Julija Gutmanienė; Model: Akvilė Žirgulytė; Foto: Lv photography.


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