Vocational Training in Lithuania


Vocational education is provided by vocational schools (profesinė mokykla), vocational education centres (profesinio mokymo centras),   labour market training centre (darbo rinkos mokymo centras), agricultural school (žemės ūkio mokykla), trade school (prekybos mokykla) or other institutions which have the right to provide vocational education. The names of those institutions may vary.



Vocational school courses end in a final examination (theoretical and practical) which varies in content according to the curriculum. Students can be awarded the vocational qualifying certificate (Kvalifikacijos pažymėjimas) or the vocational education and training diploma (Profesinio mokymo diplomas). The vocational qualifying certificate and the vocational education and training diploma each grant the student access to an occupation.

Pupils who, in conjunction with the vocational training curriculum, have also completed the lSE curriculum are granted basic school leaving certificates and those who have also completed the secondary education curriculum and passed the final matura examinations are granted Maturity certificates, which grant the student access to higher education institutions.

Vocational qualifying certificate (Kvalifikacijos pažymėjimas) may be issued for students who have completed a vocational school (Profesinė mokykla) but have not completed basic school or for students who have completed post-secondary vocational schools. In all other cases, the vocational education and training diploma (Profesinio mokymo diplomas) is issued.

The qualifications awarded after the completion of vocational schools may vary depending on the study programme curriculum. As an example could be: environmental protection worker, the painter, builder, plumber, construction finisher, interior decorator, bread products baker, food preparation employee and others.





Professional qualification

Kvalifikacijos pažymėjimas

(Vocational qualifying certificate)

14-16 years of age

depending on the study programme curriculum

Profesinio mokymo diplomas

(Vocational education and training diploma) and pagrindinės mokyklos baigimo pažymėjimas  (basic school-leaving certificate) or brandos atestatas (Maturity certificate)

16/17-18/19 years of age

depending on the study programme curriculum

Kvalifikacijos pažymėjimas

(vocational qualifying certificate)

Adult training

depending on the study programme curriculum

 More information can be found in the Law on Education of the Republic of Lithuania.


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