Young people’s recipe for smoother integration / 2018-02-20

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center’s team.

In the middle of January, Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center’s paramedic students: Mindaugas Skucas, Ricardas Sablinskas, Ieva Paskeviciute together with their teacher Ilona Lukoseviciute–Noreikiene participated in the second NordPlus mobility hosted in Iceland. Thanks to this project, Seeking Together, students have had a great opportunity not only to visit the state of volcanic island, but also to learn about other cultures and share their experiences.

The Seeking Together partnership combines 5 schools from different countries - Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, and Lithuania. The aim of this project is to encourage young people and their teachers to work together, to explore possibilities for the smoother integration of refugees and immigrants into a friendly society, and most importantly to build mutually respectful relationships.

 The project's activities focused on specific topics: migration history, human rights, asylum seekers and refugees, the historical and cultural heritage and differences of the Nordic-Baltic countries, recognition of cultural diversity in future communities in order to promote citizenship and understanding democracy.

According to Ieva Paskeviciute one of the most fun experience during this project was living at Icelandic family house. "This experience has made it possible to get acquainted with the state of beautiful nature, its culture, and customs. We also had to taste traditional, old baked dishes, whose taste is completely unusual to us, "says I. Paskeviciute. During their visit to Iceland, students worked in groups, discussed immigrant integration, citizenship and democracy. They also created products that could be helpful for integration in the new society. "Our idea was to create app called “Landbook”. We developed this idea and introduced it to colleagues from other countries ", - says I. Paskeviciute.

After this visit to Iceland, the students went back to their countries full of excitement and new ideas.

More information about this project can be found on the project site:

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